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ICGIP 2016

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Poster Session

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The best presentations in ICGIP 2016 were announced.

Session 1:
TDSIFT: A New Descriptor for 2D and 3D Ear Recognition
By Long Chen, University of Science & Technology Beijing, China



Session 2:
Overhead Spine Arch Analysis of Dairy Cows from Three-Dimensional Video
By K. ABDUL JABBAR, University of the West of England, UK


Session 3:
Head pose Free 3D Gaze Estimation Using RGB-D Camera
By Amine Kacete, Institute of Research and Technology B-com, France



Session 4:
Bounded Rayleigh Mixture Model for Ultrasound Image Segmentation
By Hui Bi, Southeast University, China

Session 5:

Two-stage Underwater Image Restoration Based on a Physical Model
By Junyu Dong, Ocean University of China, China



Session 6:
Real Time Lobster Posture Estimation for Behavior Research
By Sheng Yan, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway




Session 7:
Extended Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Computation for 3D Image
By Nurulazirah M. Salih, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia



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